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Climate of Goa

Usually the climate of Goa is temperate, except during the monsoon, which lasts from June to September. Thanks to the coastal Konkan region and the backdrop of Western Ghats, weather of Goa is pleasant and sunny. There are no extremes in temperature and no clear demarcations from one season to the other except for the monsoon.

The average temperature at Goa varies between 25°C - 30°C (67.96F - 81.56F Approx). The average rainfall is approximately 325cms, the average daily hours of sunshine is nine to ten hours in summer and three to five hours during the monsoon.

Monsoon Season in Goa
The main feature of the climate of Goa is the monsoon, which occurs between June and the end of September. Goa is in the path of the southwest monsoon, thereby experiencing a dry period lasting six to eight months of the year, followed by the annual rainfall, which occurs over the remaining four months. During the two months preceding the onset of the monsoon the humidity increases dramatically, and the normally clear skies become hazy and then cloudy. During the monsoon, 250cm to 300cm of rain is normal, although in the Western Ghats the downpour is considerably high than on the coast.

Once the monsoon has run its course the skies clear and the weather of Goa becomes pleasant. For four to five months, from October through February the climate of Goa is near perfect-cloudless blue skies, warm but not oppressively hot days, and calm seas. By mid-March the humidity starts to rise as the monsoon begins to approach again

Goa Climate

July To End September (26 inches)
Late November To Mid-February
Mid-March To End Of June

Goa Temperature in Different Months

Temperature in Goa
Average High C
Average Low C
Goa Weather in January
Weather in Goa in February
Goa Weather in March
Goa Weather in April
Goa Weather in May
Weather in Goa in June
Goa Weather in July
Goa Weather in August
Weather in Goa in September
Weather in Goa in October
Goa Weather in November
Goa Weather in December

Glimpses of Climate of Goa in Different Seasons

Goa, the beautiful coastal state of India is a true treasure trove. It boast of different alluring views during different seasons in Goa as during every season Mother Nature bedecks this tiny state with endless natural charms. Every year, with the onset of various seasons,Goa changes her entire look and dresses in completely different attire. It's for sure that these changes are definitely visual treat. But, from ages it has been seen that most holiday makers loves to explore Goa only during October to March which are popular as best season.
Goa Climate During Winters - October To March
Considered as the Goa season in tourism. During October to March Goa brims with thousands of vacationers. Irrespective of caste, creed and languages, holidaymakers from all across the globe love to immerse themselves in the beauty of Goa, during this period of year. Between October to March, temperature in Goa reside more to cooler side and have a clear sky throughout the day.

This period is ideal for hanging out at the exotic beaches or peeping through the colonial monuments of yesteryears or engage oneself in various kinds of thrilling water sports on the turquoise water of vast Arabian sea. But, if you avid nature buff and wish to witness nature at its best than try to explore the state during the off-season.
Goa Weather During Summers - Mid March to May :
Summer in Goa starts from mid March and ends by the end of May. During this period of climate of Goa, it is hot and very humid and attracts less crowd. So, vacationers who have the urge to spend some leisure moments away from the hustle and bustle, than they must spend their summer holidays in Goa.
Explore Margao town and its nearby beaches like Colva, Benaulim, Cavelossim, Mobor and Palolo or visit the ancient temples and catholic churches during this period of year. As the title reflects, monsoon in Goa is an ideal season for merrymaking amidst the unusual charms of Mother Nature. Monsoon season in Goa prevails from June to September. Every year when the first shower of monsoon lashes the plains and the small rivers swell with rainwater, then you must get ready to behold a completely different Goa. Incessant rains of monsoon season satisfies the thirst of dry earth and also cleanses all her dirt.

This coastal state during the monsoon season becomes a loner's paradise. It is the best time to enjoy some solitary moments when just you and the long queue of palm trees swaying in the cool coastal breeze and rain droplets splattering on you.
Vacationers can enjoy the true essence of monsoon while walking on the sandy beaches or viewing the merging of rain drops with saline water of sea from the window vanes of their hotel room.
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